What can plant-based nutrition do for your health?


Hello!  I'm a family medicine resident physician in Michigan.  Over the last ten years I've been helping people and communities learn more about the health benefits of plant-based nutrition.  I've met many people who have overcome incredible health challenges simply by shifting their diet to whole, plant-based foods.  Using a "food as medicine" approach, the shifts in people's health can be so dramatic that I became inspired to change careers and pursue family medicine so that I can help more people in my community achieve greater health.    

“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it.” - Hippocrates

Prescription medications help correct lab results, but they don't effectively address root causes of chronic disease.  Lifestyle change, especially nutrition, is the only treatment modality that can actually start the healing process.  That's what Hippocrates meant with this famous quote about medicine.  The human body is truly remarkable in that we are born with mechanisms already in place, working constantly to keep us well.  Through proper nutrition, we provide our bodies the best possible environment for optimal health and healing. 

This site is my platform to provide helpful resources for my patients and my community, with hope that more people can discover their own optimal health through great nutrition.  I'll be adding more blog posts, articles, interviews, suggestions for books, cookbooks, documentaries, and other ways you can learn more about nutrition and start your own journey toward better health.