The Day Before I Start Prolon: The Fasting Mimicking Diet

I’m starting the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet tomorrow!  The more I read the science about fasting mimicking nutrition, I am both curious and excited to try it for myself.  Over the past year I’m not feeling as energetic and "optimal" as I once was.  I can feel my metabolism slowing down a bit and I’m often tired.  I also struggle with weight loss and have been stuck at my current weight for a long time.  Although I’ve been eating vegan for about 10 years, I could still improve my food choices sometimes and perhaps that is starting to catch up with me.  I typically fluctuate between eating nearly raw and plant-based for a few days at a time, but I cannot maintain it and end up grabbing something "easy vegan" when my schedule gets busy.  I also eat too much sometimes.  I hear great things about the health benefits of ProLon and I've even read that it impacts your food choices after the fast is done.  I’m hopeful for some positive results.   

ProLon Kit

 I picked up my ProLon kit today from Dr. Joel Kahn, a good friend of mine and a cardiologist in my area.  Dr. Kahn is also a renowned expert in plant-based nutrition and is certified in metabolic cardiology.  I’ve already done a lot of reading about ProLon and I have familiarized myself with many studies supporting it.  I opened the box to find 5 boxes, one for each day.  There was also a water bottle inside for the provided drink mixes.  Each daily box contains all the food and beverages you’ll consume for the day.  The food is pre-packaged into little packets.  You are permitted to have unlimited water and herbal teas each day, and you can also have one cup of black coffee if desired.  I read through the instructions provided inside the kit, which are fairly self-explanatory.  Tonight I’m eating something I would normally eat (half a falafel wrap and some sauteed brussels sprouts).  I’m looking forward to getting started in the morning!