ProLon Days 3 and 4

Day 3

I woke up on Day 3 a little tired, but ready to continue with my ProLon experiment.  I made the vegetable soup for breakfast, as I've been finding it easier to make the soups in the morning on the stove top rather than try to find a place to prepare it at the hospital.  I also made some hibiscus tea.  I was in for a really long day at work, so I packed a few pieces of celery and cucumber in case I needed it.  I also prepared another L drink in the water bottle that was provided inside the box.

I was so busy at work that I didn't notice feeling hungry, but I did continue to have a headache and needed Ibuprofen again.  I had olives and kale chip crackers for lunch, along with the NR-1 vegetable supplement.  Something seemed to click later for me later in the day, it was like my body decided to accept that I was fasting.  I had the tomato soup for dinner (which I loved) and more hibiscus tea.  I never needed the celery or cucumbers I prepared.  By the end of the day, I really started to feel like I was losing weight.  I went to bed feeling pretty great.

Day 4 

Today, I woke up feeling fantastic.  I was not hungry, I felt thinner, and I felt a different sort of energy.  I can definitely tell that I've made it through the weeds, and now good things are happening in my body.  For breakfast, I made the vegetable soup and some tea and took it to work.  I forgot my bottle of L drink at home.  Today happened to be one of the most hectic days I've ever had as a resident, so I didn't get a chance to eat the lunch.  The cool thing was I never noticed until I was leaving work at 6pm!   I ate the quinoa-minestrone soup when I got home.  There were two packs of olives (7 olives per pack) in the box today, so I ate those too.  I gave the L bar to my mom because I didn't feel like I needed it (which means I only needed about 250 total calories today, by choice!)    

I know tomorrow will be great, too, and I've been thinking a lot today about what happens after the fast is complete.  This was a big commitment and investment, and I really want to ease back into food gently to keep the progress going.  I am beginning to see how the ProLon fast transforms people's perceptions about food.  It's shifted how I think about food and realize that I can feel better and get by just fine on much less.